Monday, November 25, 2013

So.... Tired

How is it only 8:00?  How can walking two miles cause me such exhaustion?  I don't know, but I am sleeping much better AND much earlier.  Really, I think I may get crazy and stay up until nine tonight.  I feel like an old lady!  Moving from one sad admission to another...

I need some help:
First, why aren't people able to leave comments on this blog?  I've changed the settings multiple times and if nobody can comment on this, I guess I will need to go back to the default.
Second, what is up with Blogger and hashtags?  I've been putting the "labels" on, but I guess hashtags aren't any good unless I'm connecting to Twitter as well?  I apologize for my ignorance, but have no problem admitting it.

Check out this hot outfit for our hike on a thirty degree day.

That's right, I'm wearing denim, cropped pants.  My jeans tend to be "boot cut" and I'm TERRIFIED of things getting inside my pants legs!  If I wear jeans, leaves will probably get inside the bottoms and you know what you find on leaves?  Bugs!  I don't want bugs in my pants, do you?  Hence, the short-pants.  I know it looks ridiculous, but I feel better/safer.  The problem was the COOOOOOOLD.  So, I have a couple of ideas. 1) Tall socks with the cropped pants (HOT).  2) Cropped pants over long-johns because they are tight at the bottom (HOTTER).  3) Elastic bottom pants, preferably denim (HOTTEST).  America, the vote is yours.

You may also notice the lack of gloves.  We haven't hiked in weather this cold in over three years, plus this is the first real cold streak of the year in Central VA, so it was an oversight.  My bad.

The hike itself was perfect!  Hickory Hollow State Natural Area and Preserve, located in Lancaster, VA, is fantastic.  Because of the preserve status, we didn't have to worry about hunters.  Blaze orange isn't really my color, but it's a necessity out in the woods these days, unless you're on a preserve.  The hike was truly what I would label "moderate" because of two things.  It wasn't difficult because I never wanted to kill myself.  Yet, it wasn't easy because I was definitely challenged several times.  Plus, there was some really cool scenery like these "bendy" trees.

Looking to the work "week".  Today was the first day I felt EXCITED to walk.  I couldn't wait to finish my paperwork to get outside, even in 40 degrees.  There's a walk through the neighborhood behind our school that also includes a couple of trails. I think I've gotten my route to cover two miles and decided today to do it in reverse. I popped in the iPod and got to work.  Newsflash, dummy!!  The first mile was entirely uphill.  It's gradual, but it was a butt/hip killer because it was constant.  UGH!!  The rest of the walk was pretty level, but I had to force myself through it.  I kept thinking, "If it's this hard for two miles, what will happen in twenty??  It's okay, that's why I'm training; just keep putting one foot in front of the other, I can do this." I annoyed myself with the pep talks, but tried not to look overly crazy by arguing with myself while walking through the woods.  I mean, it is local to my school and students do live in that neighborhood.

The forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday is ugly.  My plan is to actually do some training in the hallways at school.  I know everybody is going to flee the building because it's the start of our holiday, so I should be able to avoid making a complete fool of myself.  I plan to walk a few laps downstairs and up, so I'll get some stairs in, but I also want to throw in a length of lunges and another of skip-jumps.  We'll see how that goes!  Then, I'll be hitting the treadmill at Mom's a couple times during the holiday visit.

As silly as it may seem, I'm thankful to you for reading this.  Seeing the number of page views and +1 grow is really inspiring and motivational.  I'm also thankful for the ability to do the Susan G. Komen 3-Day, while so many others are hindered by chemo, radiation, or surgery.  Hopefully, in the near future, there won't be a need for research funding because there will be a cure for this and all types of cancer.

Wishing you and your family a healthy, fun, fabulous, and yummy Thanksgiving!!