Friday, November 15, 2013

Finally Friday!!

Have you ever been too tired to even scroll through Facebook?  I've been like that every day this week.  Seriously, I've been in bed at 8:30 the last two nights.  Of course, I get up at 4:30 so I should be going to sleep that early, but it still seems sad.  So, THAT is why I haven't written all week and it's also why I'm writing at 5:00 a.m.  I'm afraid I won't have the energy tonight and I want to catch up before my next hike.  Yep, it'll be a rockin' Friday night here in the RVA.

Last Sunday, Brian and I hiked Motts Run Reservoir in Fredericksburg, VA.  The scenery was beautiful! And, it's a good thing it was so pretty because I may not have made it to the end otherwise.

The field trail guide we read listed this hike as "Moderate".  Ummmm.... yeah.  It's probably "moderate" if you currently live in Appalachia.  In fact, it's probably "easy" if you typically hike in the Rockies.  But, for this suburban girl, it was a butt kicker.  However, I do have a theory...

The hike was made up of two trails.  First, we hiked the trail to the right of the entrance, passing the gorgeous nature center and an "awards stand".  After reading about our "moderate" hike, Brian and I were surprised it was so easy.  We just couldn't figure out why that hike was given a higher level of difficulty than the trail from last week.  Then, we took the trail to the left.  UGH!!  This trail was HARD.  Check out this hill...

At that point, I was two-thirds of the way to the top and pretty sure I was going to die.  I tried to take a picture down the hill, but it didn't come out well enough to post.

My theory?  (Easy Trail + Hard Trail) divided by two = Moderate Trail.  BOOM!  I just dropped some middle school math on your tail.  Yeah, it's what I do.  You're welcome.

All in all, it was a nice hike at roughly 3 miles when you include the hike from the road to the trail head. The park is closed November - March, but we were able to park outside the gate and walk up the driveway.  We definitely recommend this one if you are in the area near Spotsylvania Mall/Central Park.

Another perk of traveling for hikes?  We get to meet up with people from that area we may not get to see often.  After the hike, my parents met us for an early dinner at Firebirds.  Mmmm, the best salads ever.  That's right, I said, "salads".  It's probably the only time you'll hear that from me, but Firebirds' cooks know how to mix the greens.  It was a LOOOOONG ride back to Richmond, but a very short trip from there to my bed and a great night of sleep.

New this week, I invited all faculty/staff at work to walk with me and sent out my schedule for the week.  I've had a few people join in and it really makes me show up for the walk if somebody might be waiting for me at the starting line.  The weather ranged from gorgeous, mid-60's on Monday to wind-blown, frigid, upper 30's Tuesday, and back again.  Welcome to autumn in VA!  We walked Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday with plans for this afternoon as well.  It looks like I'll go from 5 miles last week to 9.5 this week.  Progress!!

Next up?  We're hiking Chubb Sandhill State Natural Area and Preserve somewhere around Emporia, VA.  We've never spent any time in that area, so it will be an adventure.  If you know a good place to eat or a "must visit" spot in that area of the commonwealth, please comment below.

Oh!  I've changed the "Comments" section so you don't need to have a special log-in.  You're welcome, Mom!