Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Best Day EVER!

What an amazing day!  I had the great joy of "shadowing" Meredith from a local business called Canine Adventure.  Meredith and her colleagues will pick your dog up and take him or her on a fun filled trip to a local park for about two hours.  Luckily, the day I scheduled with her had perfect weather.  I know it isn't always so nice, and they go out rain or shine.  It was just perfect for a day at the river with two sweet pups.  And, I did today's 3-mile training walk in a fun, new way.  Lucky girl!

Check out these rock formations.  Do they remind you of The Goonies?  That's all I could think about while walking on them.  Note, I couldn't get the little Pitty out of the picture because she was too busy barking at the floating stick.  The stick was later rescued by a brave, yellow lab who really didn't care if he fell into the water hole.

This afternoon the marketing materials for my new business arrived!  They look great and very professional; I feel like such a grown-up.  I immediately slapped on the car magnet and plan to start getting flyers and business cards out to schools tomorrow.  Another step closer to being my own boss!  If you are in the Richmond area, please keep me in mind if you know of a child who needs a math tutor.  I'm a certified teacher and absolutely love working with kids in a way they get/enjoy.

If you have any ties to Central Virginia please "Like" my business page on Facebook to help spread the word.  Feel free to contact me if you'd like any info.

So, today was awesome.  Tomorrow, I have to get back to the grindstone and try to remember that Spring Break is only a week and a half away.  I can do it!  Then, assuming I still have a suit that fits, I'll be taking Aqua Zumba for my Wednesday workout.

I hope your day was as beautiful as mine and that you have something to look forward to tomorrow.  Enjoy the lovely weather!