Sunday, April 6, 2014

Gorgeous Spring Weekend

I won't lie, I don't feel like writing.  But, that's just because I've been walking this weekend in the beautiful, pollen filled, sunny weather and I am TIRED.  I followed the suggested training and walked Tuesday at Reedy Creek Park with Canine Adventure, Thursday at Dutch Gap Conservation Area, Saturday at Robious Landing Park, and today at Appomattox Riverside Park.  Those of you who know the Richmond/Chesterfield area know I have been all over the place.  Whew, that was a lot of driving!

Thursday also included a ton of walking.  Of course, that was the intention, but it was more than expected.  I thought I was going for a 3.5 mile walk and figured an hour and fifteen minutes would be plenty to get in the walk with stretching before and after.  The timing was important because I had to meet a client for our first tutoring session.  It's a good thing she is understanding because the walk ended up being closer to 5-miles and took an hour and forty minutes.  I hate being late to see clients, but for the first meeting?  Unacceptable!  I realized I misread the trail map and called the client with plenty of time to spare, but I still felt awful.  Since I hate being late, and was horrified about it, I was seriously hustling and felt disgusting when finished.  Oh yes, changing in the car when you're a hot, sweaty mess, to meet somebody for the first time, is just fantastic.  And I was SO SORE the next day.

The soreness continued into Saturday, but I was eager to start the next walk.  This time, I went to a park that I'm very familiar with and new I wouldn't over do it.  It was perfect.  Here are a couple of views from my pre-walk stretch.  There was a random slab of concrete at the edge of the trail and I chose to use it for my relaxation spot.  The trees growing out from the bank framed the view perfectly.

The rest of the walk was fantastic.  I got to meet several very happy dogs out for adventures and even saw a group of deer jump across the path.  I tried to get pictures of them, but couldn't capture the moment well enough to share.  But, here are a few pics of spring in Virginia with the beautiful shades of green.

 Today I REALLY didn't want to walk.  Thankfully, I was able to meet my teammate Jo and she got me through.  I feel bad for slowing her down, but I'm still adjusting to the new shoes.  We went to a park that was new to me, but she knew the way.  The water views were amazing and I will probably go back on Thursday since it is pretty close to work.


Nice, right?

Okay, I'm exhausted.  Sorry this wasn't more witty/entertaining, but I'm hungry and cranky.  I just couldn't let more time pass before writing again because there would be too much to share!